Providing education and promoting professional equine dental treatment, giving the highest regard to the well-being of the horse.

Equine Dentistry Services During Covid-19

Equine dentistry activities will continue and are subject to tight safeguards under Covid-19 restrictions. Different states vary slightly in their advice but services connected with animal health can proceed within the required restrictions. The Victorian government has provided advice under Stage 4 lockdown that the following are 'OPEN (FOR ON SITE WORK) -COVID SAFE PLAN':

  • Any services connected with animal health, husbandry or welfare, including the RSPCA
  • Agriculture and farming support business, including and not limited to on-farm consultants, livestock agents, agronomists, shearing contractors, trades services and contracting businesses
  • Animal saleyards, knackeries and transportation of animals (including livestock and pets)
  • Veterinary clinics and related services, including on-farm visits and to veterinary clinics, animal minding services and artificial insemination

Covid-19 restrictions may require that masks are worn. There are exemptions for persons who are engaged in strenuous physical exercise and this may include manual filing which is a physically highly demanding activity. We advise all practitioners to maintain social distancing and minimise attendance to locations where many people congregate.

Requesting Treatment

When you have horses that are due or overdue for dental treatment, please evaluate as to whether a visit by your equine dental practitioner can take place in a safe environment. It is our commitment to continue to provide services that benefit your horses' health. For a summary of state by state advice regarding attending to your horses, see this RSPCA page Can I leave home to care for my animals You can click on the state headings to go to relevant state information.

Inevitably, there are some significant changes to our services and you may also not be able to engage your usual practitioner during this crisis as colleagues help out where needed. It may also be appropriate that a decision is made to delay services in the interest of all concerned as long as this does not have a negative health impact for any animal. You do not need to delay making a booking request, but please indicate if the attendance is urgent or routine. We are committed to play our part to reduce the risks of disease transmission and trust you will do the same.


Since 2005, members of the National Equine Dental Practitioners Inc. have provided compassionate, professional care to equine patients. It is our philosophy that no matter the breed, age or background, each horse under our care is entitled to the same high standard of treatment.

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Our Methods

The key to NEDP Practitioners' methods is the highly accurate and non-invasive examination of the oral cavity by means of palpative assessment. This is then followed by precise, considerate and gentle treatment that horses accept very well.

Equipment used is of a high quality and facilitates the efficient performance of comprehensive equine dental procedures. No power-floats or motorised files are used. Our practitioners avoid stress to patients by avoiding the use of routine sedation, crushes and mechanical head restraints. Stress and injury are also avoided by opening the mouth only a small amount.

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