About Us

In 2005, a group of trained equine dentists who shared a commitment to a high level of equine dental care, joined forces to form the Association of Equine Dental Practitioners (Aust) Inc. This was later renamed the National Equine Dental Practitioners Inc. (Reg A0047040P). For over ten years, members of the NEDP have provided compassionate and professional care to equine patients.

It is our philosophy that no matter what the breed, age or background, each horse under the care of our members is entitled to the same high standard of treatment. Our approach to treatment is thorough and mindful when it comes to respecting the function of teeth and dental related structures. This means that our practitioners will not over-service any patient, nor perform unnecessary procedures that have dubious benefits. We believe that the NEDP is the only organisation in the world that has banned the radical cutting of teeth with forceps  which risks fracturing tooth structures and exposing pulp canals. We have also mandated the continuous water-cooling of all motorised instruments that may inflict any heat on the horse’s teeth. The NEDP is committed to developing, maintaining and enhancing treatment protocols for all equine dental procedures in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient.

Members of the NEDP have successfully completed a private equine dentistry course in Australia with the AEDP. Other members of the National Equine Dental Practitioners Inc. are equine dental practitioners and equine veterinarians who meet the admission criteria. They may be practising in any part of the world.